The Automotive Experts of Lowell, MA

The Automotive Experts of Lowell, MA

Our Story

Brazusa has been servicing the Lowell, MA area with quality automotive care since 2003. Since our opening over a decade ago, our family business has strived to present our customers with the best service around with honest work done by highly qualified professionals. We here at Brazusa started out with a shop consisting of a single bay and office. This would not be the case for long as we were able to grow to a location with 4 bays within the same year. We were able to do this because of our strong commitment to customer satisfaction and professional car services. Our hard work has paid off and we are now located at 731 Dutton St. Lowell, MA 01854 where we can now simultaneously work on 6 vehicles and a time. This allows us to deliver the professional service our customers expect, in a timely fashion that keeps them content.

The Way We Work

Our staff here at Brazusa has the customer in mind every step of the way, from when you walk in our door to when you drive out of our lot. Treating our customers and their vehicles with professionalism is what we are all about. Whether your looking for advice on an automotive inquiry or looking to have some serious automotive repair, our friendly staff will walk you through your options. We here at Brazusa always make sure to be accurate and honest with our diagnosis to make sure we get the job done right. We then make sure our customers understand what is going on and let them know what their best option is. The reason we do this is in order to make sure each and every customer gets the deal they feel comfortable with. Not only is our work proffesional but we make sure every part we replace is up to standards and is a quality OEM part. This means that you won’t be shortchanged on anything we put on your car and you can be confident that every component on your vehicle is exactly what your car requires, not a cheap and unsafe piece of junk. We always make sure our work is done with care.

Come On Down!

We know our customers depend on their vehicles to comfortably go about their life. Here at Brazusa, we love to make sure our customers feel safe in their vehicles and wish to get them that feeling as fast as possible. It’s for this reason that we work diligently to get our customers in and out as fast as possible. Come to visit our facility or give us a call at 978) 937-8104 and set up your quality car service today. So no matter what your vehicles issue is, don’t hesitate to ask Brazusa for the help you need.

Our Services